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  • Basic Notification

    We will notify any person they are being cheated on.
    Valid for 3 months
    • -Email Notification of infidelity to individual.
    • -Additional persons for $25 per notification.
    • -Complete anonymity guaranteed
    • -Order good for 3 months please complete by that time.
  • Advanced Email Svcs

    Spouse Email notification with Evidence- Electronic delivery
    Valid for 3 months
    • Advanced Notification (Email)
    • -Notification of infidelity to any individual via email
    • - inclusion of video, voice, photo, or documentary evidence
    • All evidence must be provided by the client
    • Order good for 3 months, please complete by that time
    • Additional emails to others sent for $25 per person.
  • Phone Notification

    Every month
    Phone notification of infidelity
    Valid for 3 months
    • -We will call and notify spouse of infidelity
    • Call recorded will be recorded for you- (legal in your area)
    • -You must provide contact number for call
    • -We can do a search for number for $100 extra
    • -We will pass along your contact info if requested
    • - Order good for 3 months, please complete order by then
  • Fed Ex Notification

    Spouse notified by signed fed ex to job or home
    Valid for 3 months
    • -We will fed ex a letter stating that spouse is cheating
    • -Signature will be required by the spouse
    • -Your option to include the name of affair partner or not.
    • -Additional evidence included on zip drive for $150 extra
    • NO PORNOGRAPHY- special Req. Contact if this is in evidence
  • HR Notification

    We will contact HR department where they work about affair.
    Valid for 3 months
    • -We will notify HR at company of infidelity
    • -We will send any and all evidence required
    • - Spousal email Notification added for $150
    • -Order good for 3 months please place by that time
  • Hand Grenade

    We will contact affair partner spouse+ Friends/Family
    Valid for 3 months
    • -We will contact Affair partner spouse regarding affair
    • -Will contact up to 50 friends and family of Affair partner
    • -We will find contact info on Friends/family for $100 Extra
  • Cheater Website

    We build a website about your cheating spouse
    Valid for one year
    • -Untraceable website about cheating spouse
    • -Website valid for 1 year Extendable
    • -Additional Homewrecker site for $500 Extra
  • Homewrecker Website

    An untraceable website online about affair partner
    Valid for one year
    • -We construct a website under the Affair partner name
    • -We expose them online for 1 year (extendable)
    • -Secondary website about your spouse for $ 500 Extra
  • Scortched Earth

    We will contact everyone and advise of infidelity
    Valid for 3 months
    • -We notify all friends and co-workers we can identify
    • -We notify all persons requested by client
    • -We notify company CEO and executives
    • -We notify all family members of affair partner and cheater
    • Homewrecker Untraceable website addition for $500 Extra
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